Farlu (Instruction to remove the present delusion)

All actions are ALLAH’s. The human actor is a simple factor that fulfills the manifested roll only. If action is committed with full consciousness and awareness of the domain of presence without any self involvement become a good conduct. Any thing contrary to this becomes an evil, even if the human actor engaged in salath, zakath and haj. 

These are instructions to bring an end to selfishness but these are not forced into human being in sake of punishment.

1. Wore-ship, (A.L)allah

A person must attempt to drive the ego, and not to be driven by the ego. A driver should always control by concentrating on his driving by attentive observant and watchful of the ego including his demands and desires.

Ya Allah = Wore-Ship (AL)allah

Allah (A & L silent letters), if ayath begin with Allah “AH” sound pronounced with HAMZA ء

Allah evolved all human beings with attributes to bring an end to the delusion. Asma ul husna means unlimited attributes manifested by self.

“Asma ul Husna” , are attributes of dual corrupt consciousness. These attribute are unlimited. Purpose of practicing true essence of a religion is to eradicate the own attributes created through present delusion and to become pure consciousness.

In Qur’aan only one Aayath describe the Allah. Surah Ihklas( 112)

Allahu Akbar, Hasbunallah, Rabbunallah, Subahanallah, Alhamdulillah, Asthafirulla, Sunnathalla, Masajidallah, Shariathallah, Noorillah etc….

Asthafirulla covers the whole concept of above.

Ayaths do not says to repent, because past is over, it says bring an end to present corrupt dual consciousness

2. Salaath

One has to experience one self what Salaath is. One being present of omnipresent (W) completely for a moment will find that one will eliminate the past sadness and future phobia. By prolonging this moment one will eliminate dual corrupt consciousness.

In the word Salaath, silent letter W, omnipresent exists. Without the omnipresent one cannot do salaath.

One should be in Salaath and try to remove the dual consciousness through entire life.
(Refer Surah: 17 Aayath: 78, 79, 80, Jamaath etc..)

3. Zakaath

In the word Zakaath, silent letter W, omnipresent exists. Without the omnipresent one cannot do Zakaath.

Zakaath consist Sawma, Siyama, Saboor, Sadaka
One should be in Zakaath and try to remove the dual consciousness through entire life.

4. Umrah to Hajjiy (purify to Just Born/ Fithrath)

Refer to the Surah and understand the meaning through acronyms 2:158,196, 17:1, Masjidul Haraam, Ka’bathullah, Arafah, Meenah, Umrah, Ihraam, Arab, Safah Maruwah and Hijrathul Rasool etc…These words only relates to the actions. Qur’aan never mentions about visiting Mecca.

Islam is not bound by traditions and significant. It is based on only evolving of ego conscious and brings an end to selfishness. One has to practice Islam to eliminate dual corrupt consciousness.

If present system of Zakaath and visiting Mecca for Hajj is compulsory, this is only a wealthy man’s religion. Although it is not compulsory for poor human beings, since they are unable to fulfil this task, they are undergoing anxiety. Purpose of Islam is not to differentiate poor and wealthy. Do religions discriminate poor and wealthy?