Human Journey from Atheism to Religiousness is Defined as A Journey from One's Selfish Nature to Selfless Bliss ~Fazel Subian Free Thinker


I determined to seek a long standing solution to my inner urge to understand the Qur’aan without knowing Arabic language or its grammar in the true spirit in which it was revealed to guide the humanity to the ultimate and absolute truth.

The true understanding of the Aayaths should begin with the correct understanding of the sounds of the letters that make the words of true Aayaths and not with usual understanding of the words. Man deals with words but the divine authorship of the Aayaths begins with the meaning of the letters that make the divine words.

What we understand from the Qur’aanul Raheem is mostly from the interpretation of the words given by the so called authorities accepted by the world as True Qur’aanic interpreters. But the accepted authorities bank all their understanding on the meaning understood by humanity of the words of Qur’aan. The innumerable interpretation of Qur’aanic language in innumerable number of languages is known to mislead the whole humanity.

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