All religions are equal


I determined to seek a long standing solution to my inner urge to understand the Qur’aan without knowing Arabic language or its grammar in the true spirit in which it was revealed to guide the humanity to the ultimate and absolute truth.

The true understanding of the Aayaths should begin with the correct understanding of the sounds of the letters that make the words of true Aayaths and not with usual understanding of the words. Man deals with words but the divine authorship of the Aayaths begins with the meaning of the letters that make the divine words.

What we understand from the Qur’aanul Raheem is mostly from the interpretation of the words given by the so called authorities accepted by the world as True Qur’aanic interpreters. But the accepted authorities bank all their understanding on the meaning understood by humanity of the words of Qur’aan. The innumerable interpretation of Qur’aanic language in innumerable number of languages is known to mislead the whole humanity.

Interpretation of Present Life & Words

{xtypo_rounded2}The Prophet's Sunnahs' (remove> the self,ego & delusion)  narrated through Ayaths of Qur'aanul Raheem.{/xtypo_rounded2}

The Aayaths, very sharply comes out in its very essence with this message if we drop the seeking of its meaning through the words, seeking and understanding of Aayaths by resorting to seeker to know the meaning of the words through the unavoidable essence of the meaning of letters that form the words.


What is Religion or Kithab?

{xtypo_rounded2}The faith of a particular religion leads you to, Greed, Superstition & Blind Faith. All Religions are equal.

The purpose of a Religion is only to Re-Legion, nothing else.{/xtypo_rounded2}

When you begin to understand the appearance of religions in the human history two concepts appear for most. Religions appear historically. But the figures that associate with the religions definitely are applicable to pre historic features. Majority of the figures are pre historic figures. If we are to choose the time of the appearance of the religions with the time of appearance of religious figures then we will have to come to an understanding that religions appeared pre historically. There are historical proofs of Greek civilization Hindu civilization and various other civilizations. Though we can record the history of these civilizations the religious figures pre dominant in all the religions appear to come from a historic myth called “pre history”. Still humanity has not solved the problem of the beginning of the history.

Acronyms of letters of Qur'an & Religious Scriptures.

{xtypo_rounded2}The Qur`anic language cannot equate to the Arabic language. The Arabic language, do not have silent letters Alif (ا‎), Waw (و), Laam (ل), Yey (ى). (Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Elixirate)

Acronyms of letters of Qur'an & All Religious Scriptures in Arabic & English, to Understand the Correct Meaning of the Words of Religions.

Create the meanings through Acronyms, 'PRAY' 'PRAISE' 'LORD' 'WORSHIP GOD' 'YAA ALLAH' 'SUBHANA ALLAH' 'RAB' to understand your religion.{/xtypo_rounded2}

Laws of Religion

Laws of Religion (Sharia)

{xtypo_rounded2}The Punishments & Rewards are given & taken by the individuals themselves & not by a personified above us.{/xtypo_rounded2}

Every ideology has a theory and practice including the Islamic ideology. The Islamic ideology has the Qur’aanul Raheem as the fundamental basis of its theory. The practice in the general Islamic belief is expressed as the traditions followed by the holy prophets. So Qur’aan and the tradition accumulated by various authorities of traditions like Buhary Muslim Abudavud Thirmidi etc….. Form the theory and practice of Islam. The dispute here arises between the divine law as incorporated in Qur’aan and the country law as in incorporated in the traditions. We must go from a fundamental position of the understanding that the universal existence is merciful. If it is merciful in the absolute sense it is absolutely merciful without any limitations.