The contradictions and misinterpretations in translation

In translations "A to Z" is been contradicted

The first, Qur’an was translated  by a JEW, to Urdu language  around 15th century. Later produced the dictionary to suit the translation. All present translations are originated from the first translated Qur`an.


Sahaba & Sahabi means companion(s). This does not refer to prophet’s companion itself. The prophet’s companions are only spiritual descendants of prophet. The words are taken from prehistory and these words are used to manipulate the religion, to achieve the goal of political ambitious of each individual’s. The Qur’an says only to follow the Sahib (Master).

Mahar and Maharram, words are taken from prehistory. Mahar means bid or offer for slaves. Presently also exist. If one wants freedom he\she has to pay back the MaharMaharram means what you legally posses, through relationship or paying Mahar. This may change according to culture and traditions,but nothing to do with the Religion.

La ilaha – there is no god but ila hin naas – is god of mankind?

Allah is mentioned as He, do ALLAH is male or personified above us?

5:2,97 | 9:7,19,28,36 | 17:1Haram – sacred mosque or prohibited mosque?

Sura Lahab 111 – start from Allah is most merciful. Subject matter is Allah is most revengeful.

Surah 24:31 – Interpreted to women to cover. Surah 7:26– covering is not important.

2:219 & 5:90 Khamri = Intoxication. 12:36 & 12:41 Khamri = Wine. 24:31 Khamri = Cover

Surah 24:33 – But force not your maids to prostitution, when they desire Chastity, in order that you make a gain,in the goods of this life, but if any one compels them, yet, after such compulsion, is God oft-forgiving & merciful. Is this the Sunnah or Shariah of Islam?

Surah 2:219 – intoxication is prohibited. Surah 16:67– intoxication is for the wise.

Surah 26 – Aroon is brother of Moses. Surah 19:28 – Aroon is brother of Maryam.

Surah 19:30 – Jesus is born with the book.

Surah 2:275, 278, 2:82 interests is prohibited. But surah 3:130 says only not to double or multiply the interest. The RIBA (W) is misunderstood as interest

Surah 96 recites what? (Understand hafilul quraan)

Surah 2:34, 36 Iblees & shaithan are rejected & evil?

Surah 4:157 Jesus become Isa, Maseeha become ChristMaryam become Mary. Do names change according to the language? If Adham is a name, it ever changed?

24: 48,51,62,  48:9. 49:1. God & Apostle, but refers as he, his & him,    Do God & Apostle, one & the same?

2:54 – kill the soul / 4:29 – do not kill the soul / 9:5 – kill the idolaters. (Kuthulukum = Destroy / Nafs = Ego / Roohu = Soul )

Forbidden foods are limited to dead animals, flesh of swine and blood. Everything other that are lawful.
Refer to any translation of Qur`an Verse 6:119, 140, 144, 145, 146, 150  16:67,116,117

15% of the Qur’aan translations are subject to animals. Cow cattle ant spider etc…. Why?