Laws of Religion

Laws of Religion (Sharia)

The Punishments & Rewards are given & taken by the individuals themselves & not by a personified above us.

Every ideology has a theory and practice including the Islamic ideology. The Islamic ideology has the Qur’aanul Raheem as the fundamental basis of its theory. The practice in the general Islamic belief is expressed as the traditions followed by the holy prophets. So Qur’aan and the tradition accumulated by various authorities of traditions like Buhary Muslim Abudavud Thirmidi etc….. Form the theory and practice of Islam. The dispute here arises between the divine law as incorporated in Qur’aan and the country law as in incorporated in the traditions. We must go from a fundamental position of the understanding that the universal existence is merciful. If it is merciful in the absolute sense it is absolutely merciful without any limitations.

The meaning of universal existence as we come to understand the names denoted in Aayaths are that it cannot allow the punishment or force of a single individual by another individual. A fellow human being cannot be punished or forced by another human being. If human being can be punished or forced in religion(s) one can escape punishment and the force by changing the faith. . If a country is governed by Islamic Shariah, no human can be punished or forced. But the country and cultural laws of those people who accumulated the traditions say that the offences are punishable by the mortals. A country should enact to resolve the dilemma facing by the society by punishing and forcing individuals, by misinterpretation of religion(s). The country and cultural laws are do not taboo or obstruct for practicing true essence of religion, unlike traditional practices. Now the journey to solve the dispute of this conflict must be understood in the following manner.

Islamic Shariah and traditional Shariah cannot be referred to or identified as the identical ones. In Islamic Shariah the instructions are the means to bring end the dual nature of the corrupt understanding of the self about the universal consciousness. Actually, the instructions mentioned in the Islamic Shariah, is to bring an end to the present punishment (past sadness, future phobia and heaven mania). It is the practical action imposed on individuals to correct themselves by eradicating the dual consciousness. The country and cultural practices enumerated as Shariah law presently do not form the true Islamic Shariah. Human beings will not practice a religion if a religion claims that it has the irrevocable authority to punish its followers. The human nature will not accept it. How can one accept a supreme power that punishes his followers when it claims the supreme power is omnipotent (A) and omniscient (L)? If it is so how can it be cruel and meet out punishment to individuals for actions for which those individuals are not responsible? It says only it is existing. It also says nothing happens without his knowledge or command.

This is the essence of Aayaths and the true divine Islamic Shariah is based on it. The country and cultural laws enumerated in the traditions disputes and overrules the very essence of the divine law. Instructions mentioned in Qur’aan, is the mode of an individual correcting own self. Prophets appear when a society suffers from the ignorance from this. These prophets guide the society to make the members of that society to drop dual nature of their understanding of this universal existence to the understanding that only it exist and not the individuals. It is the manifestation of the essential one that is unique as individuals. Is the manifestations are understood in it correct essence the universal existence is understood in its absolute form as individuals do not exists separately. If one understands the corrupt nature of own ego then one won’t be no more existing but only universal being is existing.

The countries should enact to prohibit using the name “Islam” for politics, terrorism, business and any other institution which is irrelevant to the true essence of Islam. One has to understand all human beings are Muslims, who follows true essence of religion. Muslim or Islam, do not belong to one ethnic group, caste or creed.