Aayaths of Qur’aan do not deal with definitions, traditions, significant, historical events, negativity, gender differences, wars, force, materials, time and space. This is the fact of Qur’aan unlike the cultural and country practices that form the overwhelming part of religious practices that engage in physical and material concepts. But the saints prescribe the significant holy days. Ayaths of Quran only denotes to present moment. The historical myths and traditions have been smuggled into present translations.

1. Women and Men

Qur’aan does not define male or female. The word presently used ‘thi’ , ‘thu’, ‘Naas’,‘Nisa’, ‘Zakara Wa unsa’, ‘Azwajika , Azwajaka’ etc…. is commonly used for both.

Salihathi do not denote to women alone.

If Nisa is women, according to misinterpreted Aayaths (4:43 and 5:06) only men have to purify before Salaath.

Ex: ‘Yaa nisaun nabiy’ does not denote to women or wives of Prophet. ‘Azwajika’ does not denote to consorts or wives.

The Nikah and Thalak do not denote to marriage or divorce. Iddha do not denote to the present concept. The so called scholars had put enormous effort to incorporate and interpret Qur’aan with historical myths and traditional events. This has misled the followers.

Translations instruct one to become Mumineen, Muslimeen…etc. Qur’aan does not instruct to become Muminathi or Muslimathi…..If Muslimathi and Muminathi is defined as women, the women is not instructed to attain to these stages of Mumineen or Muslimeen. If it is so the religion becomes a male dominant religion.

2. Relationship

The Qur’aan do not mention about any relationship although the words misinterpreted as mother, father, brother, sister, son, and daughter.

Incorrect translation of Ayath 4:22,23, 17:31 etc misrepresented the civilised Arabs to uncivilized barbarians. The Prophet’s period almost everyone practiced traditional religions which were unable to reach to the selfless bliss.

Sheik, Seyyad, Moulana, Sulthan.
These names can be inherited by spiritual descendants of the Prophet and cannot be inherited by birth claiming as Prophets Blood descendants.

One has to adore Muhammadan Nabiy’s spiritual descendents not blood descendents. Amina Umma is Ahmed Musthafa’s mother. But Muhaamadan Nabiyu’s (selfless bliss) mother is not Amina Umma. Fathima is daughter of Ahmed Musthafa but Fathima is not a daughter of Muhaamadan Nabiyu’s (selfless bliss). Fathima Ralliyallahu is Muhammadan Nabiy’s spiritual descendants. We only celebrate Muhammadan Nabiy’s birthday, annihilation of Ahmed Musthafa.

Prophet said Salman Farisu and Bilal as his descendants. Salman Farisu (ral) is from Persia and Bilal (ral) is from Africa. Both are not blood descendants of prophet. They are only spiritual descendants of Prophet.

Presently these so called blood descendants say they should be respected by other followers. This means Religion is creating caste discrimination. The blood relations and incorrect historical events created so many sects; Shia, Sunni, Sunnathul Jamaath, Salafi, Thowheed, Thabliq.

Do names ever change according to the country and language?

Isaac, Jacob, Noah, David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses, Christ, Jesus, Mary, Abraham, Adam, Yahudhi, Nasarah…?

Christ is a Prophet and was a Sulthanul Awliya. Do not have blood descendants. Isaa ibnu mariyam only denotes to a related action. Do not refer as Jesus son of Mary.

Ayaths only relate to the actions to bring end to one’s dual corrupt consciousness and do not refer to names.

3. Material, Time and space

Science deals with material changes within the concepts of time and space. Although in reality materials or waves do not exist. Compare one of the dreams, where materials and waves existed with time and space. Everything is created by dual corrupt consciousness (Noor). Presently also a delusion created by our own dual corrupt consciousness. One should not equate religion and the science. Religion deals with the concerted change of individual self consciousness to the selfless bliss or to get rid of the present delusion of material and waves, beyond time and space. The dream is only to understand the reality. The human being evolved from nothingness to get rid of the delusion.

Qur’aan does not refer to materials and animals. The misinterpretation of words, Bakarah, Bahri, Anaam, Khinzir, Maayi, Aralu, Samawathi, Hadeed, Najmu, Shamsu, as materials.

Qur’aan does not mention time and space. Misinterpretation of words Yawma, Layla, Shamsu, Kamar, Fajr, Luha, Maharib, Nahar etc…. change the meaning to time and space. By using acronyms refer to Surah 17 Aayath 78, 79 and 80.

4. Wars

Were there any battles fought by the Prophet?

Misinterpretation of surah 9; 1-6 and Bi ahalil badri ya Allah, Jihad etc…. made it look like the Prophet fought battles. Misinterpretation of AyathsMushrikeen can be killed’, lead to terrorism. No Ayaths say that you can kill another because they belong to a sect, caste or creed.

Misinterpretation of Badur as a battle, Blaspheme the Prophet.