What is Religion or Kithab?

The faith of a particular religion leads you to, Greed, Superstition & Blind Faith. All Religions are equal. The purpose of a Religion is only to Re-Legion, nothing else.

When you begin to understand the appearance of religions in the human history two concepts appear for most. Religions appear historically. But the figures that associate with the religions definitely are applicable to pre historic features. Majority of the figures are pre historic figures. If we are to choose the time of the appearance of the religions with the time of appearance of religious figures then we will have to come to an understanding that religions appeared pre historically. There are historical proofs of Greek civilization Hindu civilization and various other civilizations. Though we can record the history of these civilizations the religious figures pre dominant in all the religions appear to come from a historic myth called “pre history”. Still humanity has not solved the problem of the beginning of the history.

One essential thing in the whole human religious literature and it experience is that the essence of religion begins with the attempts of individuals seeking to understand his relationship with the universal existence. Right throughout the history of human history religions are predominantly attempts by individuals (Prophets) who had understood this relationship and who have solved the innumerable problems connected to this relationship. Fundamental problem is the existence is unique with the unity of the whole and everything or not. This is permeating in all the religions. Every religion known to the humanity are identical in the correct understanding of this problem. All the religions say the individual human being and the whole universal existence are not separate from each other. There is no relationship between individual existence and universal existence.

The essential feature of the universal existence is it is of essential unity with everything inseparably. So religious figures lived in this consciousness and helped fellow travelers in this journey to seek the truth to achieve the unique nature of the universal consciousness by completely eradicating the dual nature of their individual consciousness. This important task is the task of Prophets. But the followers who wanted to impart this message to the others after the disappearance of these Prophets came out with religious practices that were identical with the social practices of the particular societies in which they lived. This lead the way to different religions names and practices to achieve the goal through different roads.

The destinations aim that by the prophets is same but the practices followed in their absence made the followers go astray leading to inter religious conflicts and bloody wars in the name of religions. Religion is essential but one need not have predominant religious practices to achieve the goals that were enshrined in the way of lives in the prophets. The message is a simple thing.

All religions say universal existence is unique and it is a whole uniting everything. The religious practices codified by the followers do not help those followers to achieve this goal. For the prophets and the religions indivisible and unique universal existence is paramount. But for the follower individual ego is supreme. Why is this paradox? Why is this irony? This seeking of truth begins invaluably. It begins with the retention of the ego and attempts are made continuously to eradicate this ego and duality of the understanding it creates. So it is a protracted task. It is a massive search for the truth but the dual nature of the understanding of the seeker makes it an enormous task to achieve the search. It is a progressive one. One drop owns ego little by little when one achieves it, one is not there to understand it as one had become the goal of the search own self.

The religious practices at time mislead this search. The desire to achieve the search as a reward for ones attempt is the biggest obstruct because they are indulging lunatically out of fear of hell and desire for heaven. The search is at concerted effort to burn all the heavens mind create and to put off all the hell fire mind understands. This search is impossible if this lunacy is not totally eliminated. Religious Prophets did it but the proponents of religious practices instilled this fear of hell and desires of heaven in the minds of follower. Religions, so, lost the very essence of the existence. This search is a not a mathematical problem to be solved on a blackboard. Taking a piece of chalk will help solve a material problem but this problem of universal existence cannot be solved unless the seeker goes to a Master who will know the capacity of the seeker to deliver needful. Masters do not emphasis on religious practices. The truth that comes of the master’s presence will engulf the secrets into the master’s domain and make the seeker to drop own corrupt consciousness of duality and reach the zenith. The problem is that though all the individuals are invariably in the zenith itself by their corrupt individual consciousness of duality makes them pathetically unaware of this bliss.

This consciousness of ego that strengthens the false duality of the existence with the religious practices make one to understand that he is being punished and he is being rewarded for his actions. It is not so. Punishments and rewards are given and taken by the individuals themselves and not by a personified above them. The religious scriptures do not speak about materials things. But the religious practices interpret the scriptures as those speak of material things. The Prophets’ message has nothing to do with material things. The real masters know it and they helped the seekers who come to them to know it.

One is in actual peace when one understands that he is not a separate thing or an alienable thing from the universal being. The truth is that the individual being is the universal being. There is no where else to go to seek the peace. Peace is here. It has to be found here. There is no other world to attain peace. Here is the known part of the universal being. Hereafter is the part of the universal existence unknown to you. But both here and hereafter belong to the inseparable whole. If you live with the universal consciousness completely eradicating the false and corrupt individual dual consciousness past and future disappears and only you will be in the unending presence. No one can jump into the river he had seen because the river he has seen has become the past.