I determined to seek a long standing solution to my inner urge to understand the Qur’aan without knowing Arabic language or its grammar in the true spirit in which it was revealed to guide the humanity to the ultimate and absolute truth.

The true understanding of the Aayaths should begin with the correct understanding of the sounds of the letters that make the words of true Aayaths and not with usual understanding of the words. Man deals with words but the divine authorship of the Aayaths begins with the meaning of the letters that make the divine words.

What we understand from the Qur’aanul Raheem is mostly from the interpretation of the words given by the so called authorities accepted by the world as True Qur’aanic interpreters. But the accepted authorities bank all their understanding on the meaning understood by humanity of the words of Qur’aan. The innumerable interpretation of Qur’aanic language in innumerable number of languages is known to mislead the whole humanity.

Only the understanding of the meaning of the letters of the words of all the religions will reveal that there is only one absolute and irrevocable truth in the essential meaning of all the religions leading us to the understanding of one religion expressing the Existence of only a unique truth beyond the wrong understanding of all the religions.

This attempt of mine is the fruit of a long standing desire to understand the true meaning of the Qur’aan. My understanding of the human nature and the human history drove to this unending search for the truth. This seeking had made me to doubt all that could not satisfy my urge to seek the absolute truth beyond all doubts. In this way whenever I reject an age old notion of understanding with an absolute clarity achieved by my strict adherence to seek the meaning of words and sentences by first resorting to seek the word by meanings of the letters that make up the words, I came to understand the true meanings of the words that made my seeking senses to an harmonious understanding of nature and truth.

I have been researching and analyzing the Aayaths for the last three decades to understand the meaning wisdom and reality. I got some suitable wording by inspiration for each and every alphabet to twist Arabic letters and the consonants by assigning inspired words to each and every Arabic alphabet and the consonants by compiling them together to obtain a meaningful word.

The Qur’aanic language simply means using the letters which was prevailing in the environment and given a meaning and the different sound to each letter. By these letters forming a word in acronym way to give the meaning of the word, where it is unable to change or destroy the meaning of the word because each letter and consonant was later used instead of Arabic grammar which is not understood by non Arabs has its own meaning. The Qur’aanic language and meaning is not similar to Arabic.

We will have to understand the universal truth with correct emphasis on the very essence of cosmic existence. We are the inalienable where our existence and the universal existence are considered. The cosmic essence of our individual existence cannot be organically separated from cosmic existence that forms the very inalienable essence of universal existence. This is the message of all the religions. In a nut shell cosmic existence is true and beautiful. This is the essence of all the religions. The unity of the, whole and everything in it. The Prophet-hood, though it is identified with different names, in the different periods of human history is not different to one and other. The Prophet Hood means the representation of an individual in understanding the essence. He may be the Muhammad (pbuh), Christ (pbuh), Gautham (pbuh), Moses (pbuh), Krishna (pbuh) etc. just has one only essential thing between the life span of two among the above. Prophet-hood does not denote the name but the ultimate authority of guiding the fellow travellers from corrupt conscious self (ego) to uncorrupted (selfless) conscious.

The whole contains everything. Everything is the manifestation of the whole. One should not misunderstand the whole as the arithmetic total of everything because the arithmetic total of everything in this universal existence cannot be achieved by any human mind. The fundamental urge of the truly religious consciousness is to seek the whole and understand it in the Lang light of the cosmic essence. For that the human mind must drop its corrupt ego. The human mind due to its very nature initially believes consciously that its individual existence is separate from the whole of the universal existence. The task of the prophet is to make the individual processor of this human consciousness to drop this understanding of duality.

Why religion? Religion means Re-Legion, back to origin. When an individual begins to explore the very essence of his existence he is faced with various problems. What is this individual? With his corrupt consciousness (ego) when he is born materially he is the continuation of the living. The society and environment around him instils in him everything essential to corrupt ego. But the universal consciousness (nothingness) knows this body has to come out of this womb, although individual ego is selected by own self. Therefore the understanding of the truth has to be guided by a Prophet who knows to take this corrupt ego to the inseparable universal consciousness. Prophets names differ but their functions are definitely and absolutely identical. Muhammad is no different from the other Prophets.

All actions are to ALLAH. The human actor is a simple factor that fulfils the manifested roll only.
If action is committed with the full consciousness and the awareness of the domain of presence without any self involvement, becomes a good action. Anything contrary to this becomes an evil, even the human actor is engaged in  Salath, Zakath, Hajj, etc.