Abu Yusuf’s comment

What Fazel attempts is to bring the Muslim community here and everywhere from the age of faith into the vibrant modern age of the age of reason. His attempt will usher in a new process of creative re interpretation of Quran. His basic attempt begins with the finding out the meaning of letters to the words contained in Quran. The history of interpretation of Quranic versus will have to be analysed with a process of historic assessment.

What I perceive is that he attempts to harmonise the modern inventions in science technology, sociology and history with the age old essence of Quranic meaning. By Quranic meaning I mean not the meaning enunciated by the accepted authorities but the actual meaning hitherto unknown hidden to the searching mind. By this reality the essence of the meaning of Quran remains distance away from the Muslims and the rest of the world. Fazel’s attempt come as a meaningful attempt of natural lightning of the distant dawn inspired by the necessity to enthrone a meaningful creative interpretation of Quran.

Quran itself claims according to the available interpretations that it contains two types of sentences. One type composes the fundamental of the religion and the meanings of the sentences are simply clear. It also says that it contains sentences the meaning of which only its divine author knows. This statement of the divine author himself if superficially understood will debar anyone however qualified from interpreting the meaning of Quranic versus. This leads to a fundamental question. What is the purpose of the divine author to give a book to the mankind and ask the mankind to follow it strictly if it contains versus the meaning of which only he knows.

The usual customary and accepted authorities of Quranic interpretation and translation from the famous Ruhul Bayan to Yusuf Ali to modern recent “madinic” interpretation have overlooked this important divine categorical and valuable indication in their attempt to interpret and translate. If a considerable potion escapes the possibility of human interpretation of the divine authorship how could the book become the universal guidance to the mankind. By this valid argument Fazel’s attempt throws a new light into the process of correct interpretation of Quran therefore his attempt is a recent one act the creative re interpretation of Quran. I wish to bring to the notice of sincere researcher the above question of how only divine understanding can guide human life. The other question is how can decline of the sun is mentioned by the powerful divine author when the universe manifested by him does not scientifically show the decline of the sun. therefore the traditional interpretations and translations must be subjected to strict an crucial scrutiny to bring out a meaning to Quran that will harmonise the modern urge that seeks a meaningful solution to the problems of the mankind. His explanations were subjected to my close analysis. He has a brief for a very strong case. He challenges various meanings of various versus and exposes the inability of those traditionally and blind following accepted meaning. His meanings when closely looked into give a relief to the searching mind that wants to draw a harmonious essence with the meaning of the versus of the divine authorship with the modern thoughts based on modern science and technology.

Fazel was known to me for quite a long time. I found in him a satisfying person who could make me to accept his proposals of meanings when I had lots of sessions with him in a very detailed manner meaning of the Quranic words by producing those meanings of the words based on meanings denoted by the Arabic letters. He has a long way to go. He ardently engaged in the process his explanations of the meanings of the words throws new light into the interpretation of Quranic words. `