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Farlu (Instruction to remove the present delusion)

Created on 17 February 2012. Posted in Content

... on his driving by attentive observant and watchful of the ego including his demands and desires. Ya Allah = Wore-Ship (AL)allah Allah (A & L silent letters), if ayath begin with Allah “AH” sound ...

Abu Yusuf’s comment

Created on 03 February 2012. Posted in Uncategorised

... of Quran. His basic attempt begins with the finding out the meaning of letters to the words contained in Quran. The history of interpretation of Quranic versus will have to be analysed with a process of ...


Created on 03 February 2012. Posted in Content

... master is more eloquent than his spoken words. His unspoken words are powerful. The essence of silent letters A,W,L,Y that constitute the portions of his spoken sentences carry the meaning of the unknowable. ...

Acronyms of letters of Qur'an & Religious Scriptures.

Created on 03 February 2012. Posted in Content

The Qur`anic language cannot equate to the Arabic language. The Arabic language, do not have silent letters Alif (ا‎), Waw (و), Laam (ل), Yey (ى). (Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Elixirate) Acronyms ...

Interpretation of Present Life & Words

Created on 03 February 2012. Posted in Content

... seeking of its meaning through the words, seeking and understanding of Aayaths by resorting to seeker to know the meaning of the words through the unavoidable essence of the meaning of letters that form ...


Created on 02 February 2012. Posted in Content

... to the ultimate and absolute truth. The true understanding of the Aayaths should begin with the correct understanding of the sounds of the letters that make the words of true Aayaths and not with usual ...