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Abu Yusuf’s comment

Created on 03 February 2012. Posted in Uncategorised

... simply clear. It also says that it contains sentences the meaning of which only its divine author knows. This statement of the divine author himself if superficially understood will debar anyone however ...

Laws of Religion

Created on 03 February 2012. Posted in Content

... So Qur’aan and the tradition accumulated by various authorities of traditions like Buhary Muslim Abudavud Thirmidi etc….. Form the theory and practice of Islam. The dispute here arises between the divine ...

Acronyms of letters of Qur'an & Religious Scriptures.

Created on 03 February 2012. Posted in Content

... –Guide to unknowable (better condition) A L = A(AL)llah, Divine / Almighty W = Raliyallahu anhu (past, prophets, awliyas & saints who entered divinity)(Mursaleen) Y = Sulthanul Awliya / Sahib (who ...


Created on 02 February 2012. Posted in Content

... understanding of the words. Man deals with words but the divine authorship of the Aayaths begins with the meaning of the letters that make the divine words. What we understand from the Qur’aanul Raheem ...