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Abu Yusuf’s comment

Created on 03 February 2012. Posted in Uncategorised

... of meanings when I had lots of sessions with him in a very detailed manner meaning of the Quranic words by producing those meanings of the words based on meanings denoted by the Arabic letters. He has ...

Allah, Prophet, Awliya(Saints)

Created on 03 February 2012. Posted in Content

... identified with so called religions. Allah the Arabic word that represents the absolutely unknowable does not refer to a person. It refers to the eternal and everlasting PRESENCE of the unique and universal ...

Acronyms of letters of Qur'an & Religious Scriptures.

Created on 03 February 2012. Posted in Content

The Qur`anic language cannot equate to the Arabic language. The Arabic language, do not have silent letters Alif (ا‎), Waw (و), Laam (ل), Yey (ى). (Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Elixirate) Acronyms ...


Created on 02 February 2012. Posted in Content

I determined to seek a long standing solution to my inner urge to understand the Qur’aan without knowing Arabic language or its grammar in the true spirit in which it was revealed to guide the humanity ...