Interpretation of Present Life & Words

The Prophet's Sunnahs' (remove> the self,ego & delusion)  narrated through Ayaths of Qur'aanul Raheem.

The Aayaths, very sharply comes out in its very essence with this message if we drop the seeking of its meaning through the words, seeking and understanding of Aayaths by resorting to seeker to know the meaning of the words through the unavoidable essence of the meaning of letters that form the words.


You cannot equate Religion to Science. Science deals with material changes with in the concepts of time and space. Religion deals with the concerted change of individual self consciousness to the selfless bliss or to get rid of the present delusion of material and waves, beyond time and space.

Although in reality materials or waves do not exist, dreams do exist. Compare one of the dreams, where materials and waves existed with time and space. Everything is created by dual corrupt consciousness (Noor). Presently also a delusion created by our own dual corrupt consciousness. One should not equate religion and the science.  The dream is only to understand the reality. The human being evolved from nothingness to get rid of the delusion.

Aayaths of Qur’aan do not deal with DEFINITIONS, traditions, significant historical events, negativity, gender differences, wars, force, materials, time and space, historical myths, country laws & traditions. This is the fact of Qur’aan unlike the cultural and country practices that form the overwhelming part of religious practices that engage in physical and material concepts. But the saints prescribe the significant holy days. Ayaths of Quran only denotes to present moment. The historical myths and traditions have been smuggled into present translations.

The significant of Qu’raan is that it symbolizes the unending and everlasting presence without past or future. The one must find correct correlative in the understanding of verses with strict adherence to the unity of existence.

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