Perfect Master (Sultanul Awliya)

The perfect Master represents not the person in himself, but the presence of the whole and everything that constitutes the phenomena that exists. He is alone but not lonely as the existence itself inseparably and inalienably from the whole and everything. Aloneness is unique and cannot be compared with anything as nothing else exist Loneliness is the pathetic physical expression, and exhibition of personalities who suffer the duality of the consciousness.

Connection to present sultanul awliya

This dual consciousness, springs from the consciousness of the self and the unavoidable importance given by the self to it self.

Self is not natural but an artificial social product of dual conscious. Therefore the truth of existence will be discerned only when this artificial social product gets totally annihilated without even a very negligible trace of its falls existence.

The perfect master is in the zenith of universal consciousness of the cosmic life. He is no more consciously represents his physical body. He represents the universal existence but the perfect master when seen by others who have not erased or annihilated their falls dual consciousness they will see only his physical body that represent the master who have become the pure consciousness.

The perfect master is the guide to others who consciously refrain from the desires of the pleasures of Here and Hereafter. The silence from the perfect master is more eloquent than his spoken words. His unspoken words are powerful. The essence of silent letters A,W,L,Y that constitute the portions of his spoken sentences carry the meaning of the unknowable. The spoken words may with their meaning reduce the quality and quantity of the unknown and increase that of the known. The unknowable is inexpressible and inexplicable. To discern the unknowable one must become consciously the unknowable.

To begin one must go to the master without any question what so ever with an absolute trust in the master and in his method. Perfect master with his Baiy'uth (initiation) will take one to his origin.

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