Farlu (Instruction to remove the present delusion)

All actions are ALLAH’s. The human actor is a simple factor that fulfills the manifested roll only. If action is committed with full consciousness and awareness of the domain of presence without any self involvement become a good conduct. Any thing contrary to this becomes an evil, even if the human actor engaged in salath, zakath and haj.

These are instructions to bring an end to selfishness but these are not forced into human being in sake of punishment.


Perfect Master (Sultanul Awliya)

The perfect Master represents not the person in himself, but the presence of the whole and everything that constitutes the phenomena that exists. He is alone but not lonely as the existence itself inseparably and inalienably from the whole and everything. Aloneness is unique and cannot be compared with anything as nothing else exist Loneliness is the pathetic physical expression, and exhibition of personalities who suffer the duality of the consciousness.

Allah, Prophet, Awliya(Saints)


Allah is NO THING. A thing needs time and space to exist. A thing exists in time and space. Allah does not need time and space to exist. Alone exists in time and space beyond. Allah cannot be seen as a thing. Therefore Allah cannot be seen as one sees a thing.

So seeing Allah is a duality. This cannot happen as long as the subject (the person) and object (Allah) remain separate in the consciousness of the subject. When this so called “SEEING” happens the subject eliminates or annihilates his consciousness of duality. The seeing becomes the discerning of the unique unity of the super consciousness of the universal existence. This is a quantum leap from the consciousness of the sense to super consciousness (nothingness) of the eternal cosmic living. This is both a paradox and an irony. This is nothing but the expression of the uncontaminated and inseparable unity of existence of the whole and everything measurable within the immeasurable whole.


Aayaths of Qur’aan do not deal with definitions, traditions, significant, historical events, negativity, gender differences, wars, force, materials, time and space. This is the fact of Qur’aan unlike the cultural and country practices that form the overwhelming part of religious practices that engage in physical and material concepts. But the saints prescribe the significant holy days. Ayaths of Quran only denotes to present moment. The historical myths and traditions have been smuggled into present translations.