Allah, Prophet, Awliya(Saints)

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Allah is NO THING. A thing needs time and space to exist. A thing exists in time and space. Allah does not need time and space to exist. Alone exists in time and space beyond. Allah cannot be seen as a thing. Therefore Allah cannot be seen as one sees a thing.

So seeing Allah is a duality. This cannot happen as long as the subject (the person) and object (Allah) remain separate in the consciousness of the subject. When this so called “SEEING” happens the subject eliminates or annihilates his consciousness of duality. The seeing becomes the discerning of the unique unity of the super consciousness of the universal existence. This is a quantum leap from the consciousness of the sense to super consciousness (nothingness) of the eternal cosmic living. This is both a paradox and an irony. This is nothing but the expression of the uncontaminated and inseparable unity of existence of the whole and everything measurable within the immeasurable whole.

Only a Perfect Master (Sahib/Sulthanul Awliya) can make this sublime Holy Communion between the self consciousness (consciousness of the individual) and the super consciousness (nothingness) of the eternal universal existence of the whole and unique Cosmic Life. This is not an arithmetical union. This is sublimation where the illusionary self disappears without any trace. All perfect masters of human history appeared periodically were guiding their people who came to them seeking this Holy Communion. Only the perfect master discerns that only the eternal, universal cosmic life exists. Declaration of allegiance (Baiy'uth) to a perfect master by a disciple is to seek his guidance to achieve this union.

Perfect master (Sahib) is the only known spring board for the disciple to jump into the absolutely unknowable. Therefore the perfect masters can not be identified with so called religions. Allah the Arabic word that represents the absolutely unknowable does not refer to a person. It refers to the eternal and everlasting PRESENCE of the unique and universal existence of the cosmic life that is the beginning (without first) of everything, end (without last) of everything, evident to everything and hidden to everything that form everything that form the cosmos.

Perfect masters are beyond the religions by which they are identified. They are truly and absolutely religious in the perfect meaning of the word. They can not be confined to a single religion. They are universal and secular. They are simply the higher most form of human consciousness that had eradicated all the veils that separated it from the super consciousness of the universal existence of the cosmos.

Therefore religious conversions do not mean salvation to the convert. It means moving away from the prison of one religious practice to the prison of another religious practice.



All prophets brought single prophecy, to bring an end to past sadness and future phobia. Although one differentiates the prophets, the prophecy is the same. Whenever true essence of religion is lost by followers the same prophecy appears through total self annihilation of different individuals as a prophet, but with enhance knowledge of Allah. The prophets never declared themselves, titles or names. But the disciples’ identified them as Krishna, Moses, Gautham, Christ, Muhammed, Nabiy Buddha Sulthanul Awliya, Avatar, Arahath Saint…etc…

When a prophet leaves, the physical body, the total annihilation and enters divinity as Mursaleen and a saint takes over to guide the selfish ones to selfless bliss. This saint is called Sulthanul Awliya. One should not analyse or dispute the past of individuals who attain to Awliyas. Analyzing the past actions and taking account of cast and creed created the division in religion to different religions an sects, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism….etc & Shia/Sunni, Protestants/Roman Catholic, Theravada/Mahayana…..etc. one can overcome these divisions by understanding the true essence of Islam.

Awliya (Saints)

Total silence created by the silent meaning of the essence of the silent letter Y denotes the self annihilation of the person, who possessed the corrupt dual consciousness. The person who possessed this corrupt consciousness, describe the Awliya as Awliya because his corrupt consciousness does not allow him to look at the Awliya as the one who makes the impossible to happen. Real Sultanul Awliya represents not the person he refers but the presence of the whole universal existence. The essence of this concept if it is understood in the correct sense, a disciple will not see the Awliya in person but presence project limited to suit his limited perception. The fault is in the projection of our vision in the master capital but not in the master’s presence. Master’s self has been already annihilated without any trace. So Master as a person known to us knows not that the impossible has happened. He has become the appearance of the universal existence projected to our limited vision.

A perfect master (Sahib) is in between the existence and the disciple who has a corrupt consciousness and understanding that he is separate from the existence itself. Therefore only a living saint may be called as Sultanul Awliya because he personally engages himself in the eradication of the disciple’s dual consciousness that debars him from achieving his meaning of living. The Awliya have disappeared from the normal living consciousness has actually become consciously the existence itself. The existence has accepted them as Mursaleen (Raliyallahu anhu). We may name different saints with different names because we are striving hard to erase our dual consciousness and the power of that dual consciousness makes us to differentiate the Mursaleen with different names. Actually all have become the existence itself. And if you attempted to eradicate your ego and personally ask a Raliallahu anhu to help you to eradicate your corrupt dual consciousness the existence itself will make you through the living Sulthanul Awliya to help you to eradicate to your dual consciousness by yourself because the mursaleens are projected by pure consciousness, saint living in earth.

Only a living Master (Sahib) like Sulthanul Awliya knows the tricks to liberate you from the presence you yourself have created around you by your corrupt dual consciousness. At the time of total self annihilation of you by yourself will not be simply as a garment you cast off. But the wore-shipping the self will be like a skin of yours been torn away by your own self because it is not a simple thing. You were associated with the corrupt dual consciousness for a very long time. Only the Sulthanul Awliya will make you to do this painful job painlessly. It will be painful at the beginning and blissfully painless at the end. That is master’s tricks because he knows a secret consciously that nothing else exist.

Therefore the amazingly undifferentiated whole cannot be limited to projected personalities. All saints are great Masters who have become inalienably the universal existence. If a person calls for a particular saint, all the saints will answer him because they have no differentiation. When you are calling a particular saint you’re calling the existence itself where all the saints have become one irrespective of religion and creed. A living disciple when seeks a living saint he will if he is sincere meet the living saint and his deliverance will begin with the saint he calls for and the process will be completed with the intention of existence itself where saints were past and present are in a inseparable whole.

Even the Awliyas will know only the essence of Allah. But almighty Allah is unknowable to prophets or saints. Therefore one cannot call a Awliya as almighty Allah. Although almighty Allah, Mursaleen and Mursaloon are in trinity of one unity of existence as whole and alone, one should not understand whole as an arithmetical total or alone as a numerical figure. The final goal of religion is to bring an end to pure consciousness and to remain as eternally in divinity. One has to declare Baiy'uth (bearer remove in insecure action and bring to an end) to an Awliya, one to Qur’aan. Qur’aan cannot exist without Awliya.

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